The Foehn Phenomenon
A woman was driving a car with a man in May. Japan was going into the rainy season,but not yet.The bank of dark clouds covered the sky,the humid air lay all around. In the car ,a radio is on, and sometimes they heard on sound from the olden days with DJ's talking. They didn't speak so much, just talk about safe topics such as the weather.

After about one hour,the car got to a lighthouse. It was white and made of stones,and it seemed old and historic. They paid the entrance fee and entered the lighthouse. "do you remember here? I feel good with memories of here." She said sentimentally. "Yes, but that was old memories. So I hope you look now and you think about the future with me." he answered.

They were going up to the top talking. When they got to the top, they couldn't talk to each other any more. The lighthouse top was a lookout and they went out onto the lighthouse deck and saw the view.

For a while they looked at the view silently. She thought about their memories, he thought about their actual problems. She wanted to part from him, he wanted to continue a relationship with her. Completely they cut across each other.

In front of them, the sea of Japan opened and the waves washed against the rocks at the foot of the lighthouse. Sometimes a strong wind blew and roared. She felt that like screaming or crying. It might be a Requiem to her. He scanned her face carefully. He considered how they could restart together, but he didn't know what he should do.

After they spend some time together, they went down to the foot of the lighthouse. "Shall we go around here?" she said. He followed her feeling of relief. The strong wind still blew,and swung her hair. The wind was also humid and salty. But he didn't mind it, so he was surprised at what she said. "It might be my mistake." she said. At the moment, he thought it was about him or their relationship. He seemed to be afraid. She smiled at him and she said. " no, don't worry. It's not about it..." He heard her words,and sulked a little. "What...? What did you say about...?" "It's just this wind." she answered.

She couldn't help smiling. She thought that she didn't love him any more, but she didn't hate him either. He was still charming to her and she knew he loved her deeply. "Don't laugh at me..." he mumbled with embarrassment. "No!" she said brightly. "I'm just smiling. I don't laugh you, do I?" "You laughed at me..." he mumbled again. But she didn't answer any more. She walked ahead of him. "The sea of Japan is not good, especially in this season." she said angrily. "But sometimes it makes a miracle, I believe so, you should believe it too." He couldn't understand what she was saying, but he noticed she wasn't so annoyed, he sighed furtively.

"Yes, if you want me, I'll believe it." he said sarcastically. Then she looked at him and laughed.


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