Appendix of Hong Kong Tian Pin
This story is about daily life together 3 people. Original story is "Hong Kong Tian Pin" So I recommend that you read "Hong Kong Titan Pin" before you read this story.

If you don't read original story or you can't read Japanese,you should this explain.

This story is about 3 people story. One of them is a girl and the other 2 is
men. In this novel,'I' am the girl.@And 'Satoshi' and 'Masaru' are boys. And they have own jobs.

Let's go on!

Since we have lived together, it has been about 3 months. In this time,whenever many things happened, I have been surprised. And I often thought in these days,maybe it will be like this from now on.

One of these situations was when I broke down. I strongly feel that 3 people living together is hard.Especially in our case, I have to live with 2 males and I'm a female,everything is different. So I feel it will take a long time by I'll get used to our life.
The 2ND situation of them was that is getting better about his getting up on the wrong side of the bed. Maseru was also surprised about it. He said that while only 2 Masaru and Satoshi live together , Satoshi couldn't be better anyway. Satoshi said it has been getting better since I broke down and he was shocked.

The 3rd of situation of theas was we couldn't fit into our daily life cycles. For example, my days off are Saturday and Sunday, Satoshi' day off is Wednesday and Masaru's is Tuesday,and so on. We knew it before we had started to live together,but it was harder than we had imagined.

So, on one day, suddenly Satoshi said to me, "You have no plan next Sunday". "What will we do?" "It's a secret". I couldn't know what would happen but the Sunday came.
Usually, on Sunday they work, but Satoshi had a day off on the Sunday. But he had to go to his restaurant only at lunch time. So he came back home at 2 PM. In the morning,Satoshi said to Masaru "I'm going to go out with her". I wondered if it was secret to him,but Satoshi said and Masaru was angry. I felt it must be.

After Satoshi came back home, we went out. He would like to go to shopping, but it would be crowded. At first,we went to a zoo. Of course the zoo was also crowded. But it was interesting for me and most visitors were going back home at that time. We went out to the zoo in the evening, and we went to Italian restaurants a hill. Then I felt it was really a date.

"Why did you have a day off today?" After the dinner I asked him I'm wondering it. But for a few moments later he didn't answer but it was just smiling. ""What? Why? ... Why are you smiling?" I asked him again. "MN... ? Don't you understand? Don't you know? Why don't you know?" he said. "I feel pity for the chap."

"Why? Why? What's up?" I asked impatiently. "Do you know his birthday?" "What?...
When..? Er... Probably,is it near today ...?" I realized it, and I was embarrassed. He knew but I didn't know. I thanked him. If Masaru knows that I didn't know his birthday, he will be shocked. Satoshi helped me.

"His birthday is 28th of this month. So we will buy him gift." Satoshi said. I imagined he took care of our relationship. I said to myself that I was sorry for them. At last,we choose a photoflame. It was common place but not so bad either.

When we arrived at home, I expected Masaru had already come back home. And he was still angry and was sulking.

I thought I'd like to give him that, but I decided to wait for his birthday. It just 3 more days. And it is better Satoshi will choose a better photo in which we came out good looking. And then I'll reveal everything about today. Masaru will forgive our date and might be pleased. I'll have to bear for a few days,but I decided.

"I'm sorry." I said to Masaru. He couldn't understand, so "If you say so now,you would take me out together." Masaru said." "Sorry, but you should wait and see,good something might happen." That's all I said and I didn't say any more.


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